#AmazonGiveaway - 1/100 Chance to Win a Free Paperback Copy! - Up to 10 Winners -

 By Matthew Cross

It's resume season! It's time to start a fresh resume, or spruce up your existing one to apply for jobs in anticipation of what comes after May. Enter for a chance to win a free copy of "The Resume Design Book" in the "College Resume Season" February Giveaway. 10 Books will be given away with a 1/100 chance of winning to help college students who are short on funds or would rather spend their hard earned money on pizza and beer. The only catch is that you have to follow @resumebook on Twitter.

Are your career counselors' schedules all booked up? Prepare yourself for the upcoming job-hunting season with your own personal copy of "The Resume Design Book."

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No purchase necessary. See complete rules on the giveaway page.


#AmazonGiveaway - Every 25th Entry Wins a Free Paperback Copy! - Up to 10 Winners -

By Matthew Cross

To Celebrate the release of the 2nd Edition, I'm giving away 10 free paperback copies of "The Resume Design Book" though Amazon Giveaways. Every 25th entry will win a free book until all of the books have been claimed. The only catch being you have to follow @resumebook on Twitter.

Click the following link to go to the giveaway page: 


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Check out some of these recent reviews:

  • "Truly innovative take on the resume writing process!" -Amazon Review (5/5 Stars)
  • "Takes away the stress of the resume process better than any other book on the market." -Amazon Review (5/5 Stars)
  • "Very elaborately, and clearly outlines the necessary requirements for resumes." -Amazon Review (5/5 Stars)
  • "As a hiring manager, I expect that candidates who present resumes created with these tools will be on the 'follow up' list." -Amazon Review (5/5 Stars)