#AmazonGiveaway - Every 25th Entry Wins a Free Paperback Copy! - Up to 10 Winners -

By Matthew Cross

To Celebrate the release of the 2nd Edition, I'm giving away 10 free paperback copies of "The Resume Design Book" though Amazon Giveaways. Every 25th entry will win a free book until all of the books have been claimed. The only catch being you have to follow @resumebook on Twitter.

Click the following link to go to the giveaway page: 


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Check out some of these recent reviews:

  • "Truly innovative take on the resume writing process!" -Amazon Review (5/5 Stars)
  • "Takes away the stress of the resume process better than any other book on the market." -Amazon Review (5/5 Stars)
  • "Very elaborately, and clearly outlines the necessary requirements for resumes." -Amazon Review (5/5 Stars)
  • "As a hiring manager, I expect that candidates who present resumes created with these tools will be on the 'follow up' list." -Amazon Review (5/5 Stars)